Goblins w/ Cudgle

Here is a Goblin scribble, he has a spiky cudgle that he uses to do his talking.

Drawing was on some brown paper bag with a simple felt tipped pen.  Just loose, having fun, and thinking about life inside the dungeons of his universe.

Hope you dig,

Another Golden Bear.

He's just a golden bear, he looks up in the air.

Hope you dig,



Your average Friday afternoon in midtown.
Things are just creeping along here in the citty on friday afternoon.  Nothing much happening.  Figured I'd slap some photoshop on a craft paper doodle.

Hope you dig,



Celebrating 85 years of Popeye

Hey all. 

Here's a photo of this image I made to honor Popeye's 85th Birthday.  It appeared at the Hero Complex Gallery over in L.A. last week.  It showcased with a slew of other fantastic Popeye tribute artwork that you should definitely scope out if you feel the urge.

"Measuring the Forearms of Formidable Might"

The image was mounted directly onto a chunk of Maple wood for presentation but began with a digital file.  It was a compilation of sketching and Photoshop brush work all coupled together with my desire to make something loose and natural feeling.  Sorta like an old photograph from some bygone era.

Looking back, I really relish the line work in this image and how it effected my selections on this rough comp sketch.
My original pass was kinda direct, and I felt it was a bit too simple.  So, I wound up changing some stuff about.  I added an additional figure (which I'd been considering) and modified the layout a tad to try and carry the gag a bit further.

Removing the line work was my original game plan.  I kept feeling that it tied things together rather nicely.
I'd wanted to try and make the painting feel like the Fleischer Studios approach of using modeled set type backgrounds, with animated characters filmed over top.  I'd even considered making the figures look more like cel drawings with a heavy outline.  In the end, I liked the softer quality of the lighting within the shop, and I could only get that without using really dark outlines. 

Also, I tried to fit in as much as possible within the image that would, make the image a little more narrative and meaningful for anyone that wanted to get close and have a closer look at the image.

The Two Tailors are specific folks.
A proper pedestal for the sailor.
A rather familiar figure on a fashion type pin up calendar.
I put a fair amount of time into it and am pretty satisfied with how it came out.  Certainly I ran into some bumps along the way.  But, in retrospect I feel like I've learned from this image and can use that knowledge to make even more cool stuff in the future.

Thanks for checking this out.
I yam what I yam, and hope you dig it.


P.S.  As always many thanks to the shows organizers for letting me make some art and share in another awesome show.
I paid this doofus three bucks to hold my artwork, so I could take a photo of it.


Going on a QUEST!

Wait a minute...
Look at your watch, calendar, sundial, ect.
I'm posting AGAIN!

I've been doing some gallery work in my absence from the blog here and figured I'd share some of that here.

I always liked to imagine that the hero was just whistling the tune while, he marched about on his quest.
About a month ago I was involved in the second installment of a Video Game themed show in Brooklyn called 8Bit & Beyond 2.  I'd been involved with the first show and was happy to be invited back to participate.  After much deliberation I figured I'd draw inspiration from my very first 8bit RPG.  Dragon Warrior.

I just remember hours of grinding levels, and listening to the over world audio looping infinitely.  certainly, a favorite of mine.  Aside from illustrating some lovable Slime Creatures, with a nod to Akira Toriyama.  I also tried to work in a bit of music, because the games soundtrack is pretty great.

I'm relatively happy with how the image came out too.
It's a similar process to how my Hellboy image was made a few months back.  However, things went far more smoothly during this artworks execution due to some much needed simplification in my workflow.  Hell, even a few things that seemed like mistakes at first wound up lending a nice texture to the finished image overall (seen below).

A Warrior Wandering Whilst Whistling Within the Overworld.
Looking at this image again has me thinking about playing the game again sometime soon.
I sorely miss playing a good RPG.
Hope you dig,


Witness Protection..

Been so long since a post, and I am sorry about that.

I'm still drawing, doodling, and scribble scrabbling.
Will shoot to share more soon. 
Because it keeps me honest.

Hope you keep digging,


HELLBOY turned 20!

Hey All,

It's been a while.  Just wanted to share this with you and say that I'm still drawing every day.  Even though my regular posting has recently fallen off the wagon in a  most spectacular fashion.
I still carry the clipboard and burn through printer paper. 
I still dissect brown paper bags and cover them with marker and felt tip pen.
I've even started learning and practicing some new mixed media Illustration processes and have done some work for gallery shows.  Like this one...

HELLBOY: Gremlins in the Gears. 
Color is a little closer to correct in the top image.  I had better lighting.
Most recently It was in celebration of HELLBOY's 20th Anniversary.
The work is hanging with a bunch of other amazing work over at Hero Complex Gallery, in Los Angeles.  But, I'll share it out here for those who (like myself) had to miss the show completely.
Bit of a bummer, I hear that Mignola was there for the opening night festivities.

Hope you dig,


Water recreation MODOK...


Chalk up another year of March MODOK Madness for me.  It's been Seven years since I sat down in a pub with my good friend Brendan, and we decided to dedicate a month to MODOK.

So, really quickly I'd like to thank Brendan for making this something to look forward to every year.
I'd also like to thank all the artists and fans out there who devote their time and skills to the celebration of our master of MINDBLAST.   The artwork you send every year keeps the month interesting and inspiring.  I salute you all.

In retrospect, it's been seven great years.  Here's hoping we all see each other for an eighth.



A bit more MODOK.

Brendan and I are polishing off another year of MODOK right now.
Then I have some other drawings on my desk to get at.

Hope you dig,



Grumpy Ol' MODOK...

I figured I'd tune out an older version of MODOK this time around.  Had fun with the colors for sure.
I've got a few more days of MODOK ahead, Shooting to make the most of them.

Hope you dig,



Heya all,

  I summoned up some other tiny MODOK drawings from my big brown paper sheet.  Just little drawings done with a basic black felt pen on a sandwich baggie, with a dash of photo shop on top.  Like i said they were kinda small so I felt comfy posting them together in one post.  ENJOY!

A frumpy moody MODOK with green butt exhaust.

An excitable back lit MODOK mad with POWER!
March will not last forever; a sad fact of nature.
So make some MODOK TODAY, and send it our way. 
Stop on by MARCHMODOKMADNESS.blogspot.com!