March MODOK Madness!

G.M.O.D.O.K  sows the seeds of a bitter harvest in 2015.
Hey All,

Sorry I've been away here for a while.  I'll be sharing some recent show work with  you soon here.  But, now there are more pressing matters...

It's 2015.  Also, it happens to be the first of March.  And, that means it's time for MODOK MADNESS!
So, for the next month I'll be sharing artwork with other talented folks over at www.marchmodokmadness.blogspot.com.
I warmly invite you to join in and celebrate this delightfully devious Jack Kirby creation.

More mindblasts to come.

Hope you dig.


Remember BEARS?

I used to draw a lot of bears.
"Gotta remember where you came from Pedro," croaks the little voice in my noggin.

So, I did a quick drawing of this random Bear.
Hope you dig.P



Where was I?

One month into a whole new year and I can't rightly say why I haven't posted any recent work yet.
So, I figure I'll rectify that right here and now. 

Rest assured that I AM working on some projects at the moment and will shoot to share them here when the time is right.

Take care all.
Hope you dig,



Elf Doodles!
Misc Beards and Bears
Less then a week away, and I feel hardly prepped for anything that's headed my way here.
Looking forward to time with the family though, eager for the comforts of hearth and home.

Wishing you well with whatever your holiday plans might entail. Drink responsibly, travel safe, and all that good stuff.
Be well and I'll be sure to share more art with you in the coming year.

Hope you dig,


Space Bounty Hunter

a Space bounty hunter
and his most recent bounty target.
Get along space cowboys and cowgirls.

Hope you dig,


Doodles & Digital

Here are two for you on a Tuesday afternoon. 
The holiday rush is a mess as always... But, I have images I can share.

Hope you dig,

Rushing to the Transporter room, and imminent an demise.
He played a horn and made shapes with his sounds.


Doodles & Digital

I draw quite a bit.  Most of those drawings marry really well with a dash of photoshop noodling and color.  Here are two of those drawings.

Hope you dig,

Bathysphere sure is a funny word.
'Tis a dog, I've named him Hubbard.


Even more doodles, with color!

Drawings! Action! & other Stuff!

Look at these images.


Some rough colors.

Scary books, are Scary.

Non specific weapon toting space rodent.
Hey All,

I LIVE!...  
Also, I still doodle stuff.  Knowing full well that it is the best thing for me. 
On top of this I'm endeavoring to be more narrative and atmospherically minded when I sit to draw.  Gotta keep telling stories and acting with those lines.

Hope you dig um!


iStinktober: DAY#10 (FINALE!)


Mission completed. 
I'm through everything I scanned in that heap of pages from my so called INKTOBER. 

Simple doodles, basic materials (copy paper and some cheap-o felt pens) and, if you will excuse my cropping/watermarking the images there is no real digital alterations.  It's been a bunch of fun to share these images with you here.  Also, I'm happy I'd done the group installments rather then posting one-a-day.  I figured this would offer you more of a reason to come on by and visit for a few to see some fun images.

In closing, I thank you for swinging by and slapping eyes on my artwork.  I'll try to be diligent about posting in the future.  I remember doing it much more frequently, and then things just got in the way.  Gotta try and get back to a more productive state here.

Hope you dig, and keep on drawing folks.

He's also a Rooster.
Trombone Player, looking for work.
Bumpy Beast.
Skymaster Squirrel.
Confused Kringle.
A MUDMAN! Headed your way.
Devil Doggle.
Captain Compass
Sir Squirrel and his prize Acorn.