iStinktober: DAY#07

Guten Tag,

Seventh day O' drawings here for you to gander at.  Got enough I think for a few more days. 
Please, bear in mind that I fiddled the past few days worth of posts out over the month of October. 
I do have a bunch of other stuff on my Drawing heap that I really aught to scan and process into something.  Might have to make that a project for after the first of the year though.  Gotta suss out some holiday plans here.

Hope you dig,

Stan is running late.
Rodent Rebellion agent.
Salty Sea-goer dreams of sea monsters during his downtime.
Tortoise with a trusty walking stick.
Cresent-headed Owl
Skate Bear.
Bearded Battler Brings the Beheadings
Miffed by the Mousetrap.
Zombies think of Brains.


iStinktober: DAY#06

Hullo Thar,

Here is my Sixth installment of doodles from the long ago time of October.  Maybe they'll inspire you to doodle as well.  Personally, I am returning to a regiment of drawing during my train commutes.  Speaking of which, I've gotta get going here or I'll miss my train. Will post more tomorrow.

Hope you dig,

Campfire toasted Cheeses are the Best.
Jaunty Soulpatch Dude.
Some Sorta Samurai Guy.
Staring strolling smoker.
The dreadful kitchen gadget Goblin!
Goggle glasses on a Geometry Guy.
Ode to the family dog.  (Yes, it's a cocktail Napkin.)
Cruel cave Croco-lloyd with his Cranium Crusher.
Voyeur tree Varmint.


iStinktober: DAY#05

Hola Amigos,

Day five here, and back with even more drawings.  I know Inktober folks usually do more rendered work but, I kinda kept my linework sparse where I could in favor of trying to do additional drawings.  Still I'm thinking of doing more studies and paints in the coming months to improve the ol' skill set.  Will set up some more drawings tomorrow, straight away.

Hope you dig,

A Pipe puffing, plains Goat.
Square fish, in a semi-squarish Bowl
Excitement Rat!
Hugbot makes his desires known.
A wide-eyed Witch.
Brave beasty with an old wrist Relic.
Tough Customers.
Adventurer before an Ambush.
Big-eared Orc orders for his snack.
Stunned Sea-going Explorer.


iStinktober: DAY#04

Hi-dee-ho neighbor,

Scrambling around here for the next few days, but will endeavor to share some more of these inked snippets with anyone out there who's still scoping the blog.  Well, I'd better go draw something now, it always cheers me up.   Certainly looking forward to seeing the family again come holiday time.

Hope you dig.

Crowned Fairy Princess.
Sputtering Spraylon Can Man.
One Goon Bird and one Robo-bugabot.
Rotund Demon out for a walk.
A Leaping Lord with his cape and Crown.
Upside down Cat in a box.
Puffy haired Knave.
Hiking Robot on the Lunar Wastes.
Cranky Cartoon Minotaur.


iStinktober: DAY#03

Howdy Hi,

Another day, another batch of scribbles for your eyes to wander over.  Rather enjoying finding little captions for the images has been fun too.  Please enjoy these and I'll set to work on compiling tomorrows assortment of stuff.

Hope you dig,

A Big Burly Cave Girlie.
A Bear, with some horribly weird Typography.
Old broken photo.
Lil' Bub Driving a Lil' Car.
A Determined little Critter.
Crazy Cartoon Carrion Bird on a Creatures Cranium.
He is a Walrus.
A flame spewing Dragoon.
A Nomadic Roadster checks the Map.


iStinktober: DAY#02

Hello again,

Day two of sharing my shamefully belated doodle from October 2014.  I hope you are enjoying the assorted stuff that has been rattling out of my head, through my arm, and into a pen.

Have a great day & I hope you dig.

Space Master of Space!
Jetpack dude & the giant Cheeseball.
Manic Mouse: takes nails from your house.
A confused Cro Magnon.
Owl grabs a snack.

A bitchin' fast Dragster.
Rattlesnake Jake finds love.
A begger Bear.
Hobo Rat has a six pack, minus one.
Summoner summoning something Silly.